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Our brand is more than a name; it's a testament to our commitment to securing ​the moments that matter most. With a distinctive focus on life and health ​insurance products, as well as annuities, we are the guardians of your peace of ​mind.

At the core of our brand is a belief in providing not just coverage but a ​comprehensive fortress of security for you and your loved ones. As a proud ​member of the Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce, you will find that with Barn ​Cat Insurance, you're not just a client; you're a member of a community where ​protection is personalized, and every policy is a pledge to uphold the dreams and ​aspirations that make life extraordinary.

Craig Carlson

Craig is a seasoned insurance broker specializing in Life, Health, Long Term Care, and Annuity Insurance, driven by a deep ​passion for helping and protecting people. His comprehensive commitment goes beyond conventional service, creating a ​brand where clients are not merely customers but esteemed members of a community centered around personalized ​protection. Craig's dedication extends to safeguarding individuals, families, and small businesses, ensuring that each policy is ​more than a transaction—it's a solemn pledge to uphold dreams and aspirations. With Craig, you're not just a client; you ​become an integral part of a community where protection is tailored to your unique needs, securing life's most important ​moments with unwavering dedication and personalized attention. 

Karla Carlson

With 20 years of dedicated experience in Human Resources, Karla is a seasoned professional recognized for my commitment ​to organizational dynamics and transformative change. Specializing in constructing HR departments in startup environments, ​I emphasize the crucial triad of culture, empowerment, and leadership to drive positive outcomes. Adaptability is a ​cornerstone of her success, proven in navigating complex transitions like mergers and acquisitions. As a strategic partner, she ​has led HRIS system integrations, showcasing a commitment to excellence amid dynamic challenges. Beyond Karla’s ​professional endeavors, she is passionate about cultivating leaders, and collaborating with teams to craft comprehensive career ​paths and leadership programs. Grounded in a belief in empowerment, her approachable demeanor reflects a commitment ​to meaningful connections, injecting passion and a relentless pursuit of excellence into every facet of her professional ​journey. 

For the Under 65 crowd, we offer ​both on the Marketplace (ACA) ​and off the Marketplace Plans. ​We also offer small business ​plans. Whether it is a group plan ​or an ICHRA, Fully Insured or ​Self-Insured, we can find the plan ​that is right for you. 

Secure your well-being with the ​right Medicare Coverage – we can ​help find a tailored solution for ​your personal healthcare needs.. ​Explore various plans to ensure ​peace of mind and optimal health ​in your golden years. 

Enhance your coverage with ​Supplemental Policies – these are ​often overlooked policies make a ​huge difference in expected and ​unexpected expenses. Dental and ​Vision policies boost your general ​health, while Hospital Indemnity, ​Cancer, and Critical Illness cover ​unplanned events. 

Secure your financial future with ​Annuities, a reliable tool for ​steady lifetime income. Enjoy ​peace of mind with this long-term ​financial solution. Guaranteed ​Lifetime Income Annuities tailored ​to your needs. Don't risk running ​out of money in retirement. or the 

Secure your loved ones with Life ​Insurance, it is a vital safety net ​that offers your family financial ​security. Whether it's Whole Life, ​Term Life, or Universal Life, we ​can help you plan for your legacy ​and ensure peace of mind. 

Secure your future with Long-Term ​Care Insurance, a crucial shield ​against healthcare costs ensuring ​dignity and financial security in ​later years. Explore our options, ​whether stand-alone or asset-​backed hybrid Life Insurance or ​Annuity policies with a long-term ​care rider, tailored to your needs. 

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